The 007 Project

I’m Bledsoe. Venita Bledsoe. Yeah that doesn’t have the same ring as James Bond does. Happy Friday guys. Today’s post if you already haven’t thought of a clue is based around the 007 series, thanks to Cyborg. He’s been getting into the movies lately and thought it would be a great idea to act on […]

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One Last Ride

Around a month or so ago, the movie Fast and Furious 7 came out. It was the first movie of the series after Paul Walker passed away. I was so inspired by the love for Paul from fans and the cast of the movie that I wanted to create a design in dedication of him. […]

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Potential Untouched

Recently, I heard the news about rapper Chinx Drugz being shot and killed. I didn’t really know who he was and never heard his music before, but I was devastated to know someone else in the industry died over violence. It’s like things haven’t changed at all over the last twenty years. Instantly, I thought […]

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HART of the Ring

Hey guys! Today’s post is for the wrestling fans out there. A couple of months back, I created a tribute design of Bret Hart. The idea came from Cyborg, which I expected because Cy is a die-hard wrestling fan. I also used to watch wrestling growing up and watched Bret and his late brother Owen […]

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Touch the Skye

Hey ! Hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day today. I’m glad that I took the day today to get some designing done. Today’s design is of singer Justine Skye. Though I did a design of Justine around the beginning of the year (SKYEborg), I decided to create this one anyway. I got the inspiration […]

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Veezy the Cartoon

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday. Today’s design is a cartoon character of myself. I’m very excited to showcase this edit, FINALLY!. I created this I’ll say around a month or two ago. Somehow it never made it’s way to the blog. When it comes to cartoons, I don’t really create them the way […]

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Today seems like a good day for pushing some limits huh? Well let’s get into today’s design shall we. I created a design a few hours ago of actress/singer Zoë Kravitz. Once again I got the idea from Cyborg to create Zoë. I’ve done a design before of her last year (Zoë 101) so I […]

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