5 Years for VVC | From Cyborg

Just received a video from Cyborg giving a little testimonial about his time with Veezy Vibetime Creations. I almost cried watching, keyword almost. Lol I’m so thankful for Cy and his support. Be sure you guys check this out. Also if you have a testimonial of your own you’d like to send, feel free to […]

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Kindergarten (The Fifth Year)

Today marks a very special day. It has officially been 5 years since I started up Veezy Vibetime Creations! It doesn’t feel this long to be honest, but I’m just so thankful for being able to share my talents and make my mark as an individual, and adult, and of course an artist. Starting out […]

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The Bombshell Badass

So, the internet never ceases to amaze me. Last Friday, the third season of the show Orange Is The New Black came out on Netflix and oh my Gosh! It seems like so girls and women that I follow have suddenly “turned Gay” and question their sexuality because of actress/model Ruby Rose, who is newly […]

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I was introduced to the book The Outsiders, I’ll say when I was either in middle school or high school. I’ve read the story probably on two different occasions. It is probably my favorite book of all time. For this design, I was highly inspired by the characters and was excited to create something based […]

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Girls Gotta Stick Together

Good afternoon! Today’s post consists of 4 designs, all inspired by the show, The Originals on the CW. Recently, I got put on to the show by Cyborg. Honestly, he’s been trying for months now to get me watching it and I’ve made countless excuses, but I finally got around to watching. I wasn’t feeling […]

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Happy June! After the daily posting challenge I gave myself last month, I decided to take a little time off the blog and try to focus on getting some work done as well as enjoy another year of life. I turned 24 last week and more than anything, I’m thankful to be here. The day […]

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The 007 Project (pt. 2)

I was so serious about this series ! I’m back with some new designs based on the James Bond movie series. A few days ago I did a design inspired by the movie Goldeneye of Pierce Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco. After I created this design, I proceeded with a different one, this time being of […]

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