Welcome to the poetry page of the Veezy Vibetime Creations blog. I’ve created these edits, which I call #IndieEntries, each displaying an excerpt from each of my poems. I’m so passionate about my word play as well as my sense of creative writing. It’s such a blessing being able to express myself in such a special way. Writing has always been a hidden talent of mine, from speaking off of personal experiences to channeling my inner fiction obsession. Recently, I’ve added the element of storytelling to my poetry and I love my personal style of really getting my words out. Get to know me a little better through my words. I’ve always believed people can relate to the things that I share and experience. Below, are the links to each of my poems, along with a brief description of each, just to give you a vibe of what to expect before reading. From the subjects of confidence and love, to uncertainty and defeat, I’m glad to share this and show that there’s so much more to me than just the artwork itself. I’m also human.



The After Hours

( A continuation of the previous project, Night Shift, dividing a little deeper into the adjustment of life, work and romance.)


Night Shift

( A storytelling and partially romantic thriller describing a young woman with a new job’s life, her mindset, and how she’s adjusting.)



(The perspective of a young man who committed suicide talking about the events of his upbringing emotionally and showing regret for his death)



(A realistic feeling dream of a mousy girl having an unhealthy but enticing infatuation and physical romance with a dream guy she met at college)


Chance Encounter

(Having an afternoon dream where you link up with an old friend and you experience good vibes and passionate sex.)

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Next To Me

(Passionate,  physical thriller dreaming about the experience of sexual intimacy with a guy you’re interested in who in reality is out of your league.)



(Operating with no emotion throughout life and untraditional things lifting you up out of the negative mindset.)


Underdog (The Last Girl)

(The perspective of a girl who is underestimated and overlooked and she’s learning to love herself.)



(Reflecting on memories in a friendship with a person of the opposite sex and learning to have the confidence that you’re enough to them.)



(Feeds off a visual design design: comparing internal emotions to animalistic features)


Second Place

(Metaphorical to a track meet. Acting on your feelings for a guy you’re crazy about but not being honest in time and wondering what will come.)


P.M. (Pessimistic Mindset)

(Self-explanatory. Speaking on late night feelings that play tricks on your mind, pointing out flaws and learning to overcome.)


Take Her Hand pt. II

(The continuation of a girl learning to trust her closest friend, dealing with trials and setbacks with her trust.)


Take Her Hand

(A girl learning to trust her closest friend, despite her flaws and past experiences)

VLB indie entry


(A diary entry talking about negative feelings and emotions being felt and wanting to open up to someone)



(The title makes up three initials of the subject discussed throughout the entire poem. An ode to a special friendship and bond.)



(A girl falling in love with her best friend who’s in love with someone else and getting upset over it.)


Level of Love

(The format of a secret love letter to a high school crush, letting him know everything on your heart.)