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A few days ago, I created a new watercolor design, of singer Sabi. My inspiration for the design came from a previous one I created a few years back with her as the subject (Abduzeedo Inspired). Occasionally I like to go back and look at designs that made me feel good and still cross my mind. Those are the designs that lift me up and help me remember why I’m doing art and how much it means to me. Lately, I’ve lost a little of my confidence so it’s been important to me to try and remind myself artistically that I have to try to keep my spirits up, especially if I want to eventually change the world with my art someday. I thought it would be cool to use Sabi again and made some art come to life. I went with a watercolor technique, since I’ve never used it with her before. My idea of a color scheme really didn’t hit me until the last minute. I used the first design for inspiration but kind of ended up going my own way, which I always kind of do. I love the idea of all secondary colors because I usually don’t put them together too much. This was a really smart way to test them out. I get a very exotic, island kind of vibe when I see them bouncing off of Sabi, like I’m on a getaway somewhere. I like how the design takes me away and gives me something amazing and bold to look at. I love the vibe that this design gives me and I’m extremely satisfied knowing how well it comes together.


(Watercolor Background Texture used for this design:



Recently, I created a watercolor design of new dance music duo Dumblonde. During high school I was originally a fan of Danity Kane, which Aubrey and Shannon, the members, were a part of. It was nice to use subjects that I’ve followed after all of this time that’s passed. Cyborg gave me the idea to use the girls so I have to definitely thank him for that. Before I got into this design, I decided to check out their music and try to get a feel of their sound & energy. I thought it would be a great asset to the design process to me. Looking at their music videos gives me a really free and trippy kind of vibe. I like to be like that sometimes with my art as well as unpredictable so this is right up my alley. I chose to go the watercolor route since doing a subject design to me would feel too much like that of their videos. I knew that this would be a cool idea from the start. Since this would be a two-person watercolor design, I got some inspiration from the design of the Veronicas (Two Become One) to keep the girls in the middle so they could be the main focus of the design. I wanted to go with a cool colors kind of scheme and I’m not sure why, but I think it was an amazing choice to be honest. I was going to be girly and vibrant but I felt like it would be too much. Lastly, what I chose to do was add in the four card suits, ♠♥♣♦. This was a very random move from me. The inspiration came from playing cards. Since the girls have a trippy and colorful vibe to their craft, I feel a lot like playing cards have that same effect. So there, I thought it would be cool to make this design feel like a playing card, which inspired the name, “Wildcard”. After finishing, I was happy with the way the design came out. Not only did it exceed my expectations, but I felt good knowing that I was able to take what I got from this group and create my own perspective on it. I love this design.

Dumblonde, watercolor design, ("Wildcard")


Over the last couple of months, I’ve become such a fan girl over the group One Direction. I never really thought that I’d be so into them and their music, but truly they are amazing. After creating the designs of the members, including past member Zayn Malik (A Step in the Right DIRECTION), for a while I was thinking about revisiting all of the guys as subjects. I was happy with the designs, but I felt a lot like I wanted to step my game up a little bit. Cyborg and I have gone back and forth with the idea. He even gave me some potential names for future projects if I used the boys as subjects again. Last night I decided to finally act on the idea, given I’ve had a playlist going for a few days of their albums. I took some time to look for some photos to use as references. I created a second design of Zayn, a watercolor I named “Second Chances”, a few weeks back so I thought it would be cool to just do the four guys this time: Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam. They inspired the name of this design “FOUREVRMORE”. Originally my plan was to do four separate designs, but I thought it would be amazing to make it all become one. I chose to go with a watercolor because of how meaningful the technique is, as well as how together it brings the four guys. I was hesitant at first to try this, but as I started to design and really get into the process, I connected so well with this design. I even had 1D songs playing to help kick up my creativity. It took a while to finish this one because I wanted it to be perfect. I’m currently looking at this design now and I’m just so proud of it. To me, each of the guys bring a different emotion to it. Harry’s smile brightens it up, Louis face gives it mystery, Nialls’s face makes it come off chill and carefree, and Liam brings the bold and confident factor to it. I’m so in love with this design and happy with myself for choosing to go through with it. It would be dope to have the fellow directioners vibe with and see how much life it has to it.



(Watercolor Background Texture used for this design:

Frosted Inkwell pt. 2

Hey guys. I’m excited to be back and posting today. It’s been quite a month so far, but I’ve been working hard as always with the designs. I’ve actually been also trying to find myself a little bit more artistically and try new things. It’s a challenge but I always love to push myself and expand my horizons. For this design, I decided to think about the things that have made me happy and more confident and a big design that raised my confidence this year was the design of Monami Frost I did back in March of this year. It was called “Frosted Inkwell”, inspired by her last name and tattoos. (From Nova’s Starter Pack) This design means so much to me because of how much I underestimated it. I never really expected this one to do as well as it did and get the feedback that it did. I think something else that really drew me more to it was how soft but hard-hitting and bold it was. Reminds me a lot of myself and the way that I create. I’ve been so inspired that I wanted to create a second design using Monami once again as the subject. My plan for this design was to have it differ from the first design but have that same overall vibe. My inspiration for the designs of Monami have always come from Instagram so I felt like it was important to use a photo from there for reference. I was pretty excited to relive the first experience and really just create an amazing design. I went a little more of a simple route and left a lot of loud elements out. I wanted to capture the beauty of Monami and make her stand out. I got some artistic inspiration from modern art & basic shapes, which is where the royal blue comes in. It’s not always often that I use strong primary colors in artworks, but I really think this was a good choice for me. The hint of pink comes from me being a little indecisive or reference photos. Since I picked one over the other but was moved by both, I decided to incorporate a little of the other into the design. I’ve never done this before so I like the risk I took. I think it works well to my advantage. After finishing the design and seeing the final result, I was pretty stunned. I felt like for something so simple, this edit speaks so much. Cyborg even said to me that it hit him pretty hard. He’s always pretty moved by my work but occasionally he has those pieces that really do something to his mind and it made me feel great knowing this was one of them. This design means a lot to me and just like the first, it managed to do well and get lots of feedback. Probably the most that I’ve ever gotten on a design. A lot of people don’t take Instagram and likes seriously, but when it comes to my art, I’m always super thankful and grateful. This design broke my previous record of 193. It even doubled that. Almost 370 and counting. Feels amazing to see the love received. Even Monami herself saw and showed love so that was great for me. It’s great being able to connect with designs and really have people recognize what you’re trying to do. I had a lot of fun with this one and I’m really proud of myself.


Summer Surprise Package pt. 2

Well, I can’t believe how quick this summer has flown by. It’s already time for kids to head back to school. I am super thankful that I’ve been able to keep myself busy this summer and just dishing out designs back to back. I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do, mainly because I’ve been working so hard to dish out these huge posts of the work that I’ve been putting all of my focus towards. I can’t lie, I’ve been so apprehensive lately about the work that I have been doing. I’ve been so worried about the subject of copyrights, now learning to give credit where it is due and making sure I’m doing the right things and staying true to myself as an artist. One thing that I’ve always been for certain about is that I create these designs because I love them and love art as well. All positivity and love for me. I can’t see myself being an artist for any other reason than that.  So, with that being said, let’s get into these amazing designs. As in the first cluster of the Summer Surprise Package, I showcased the recent designs of the summer season I’ve done. I wanted to follow suit and create something like that again: One to kick off the summer and another to bid a farewell to it. I’m super excited to showcase these new designs. I’ve had so much fun over the last couple of months creating different things and continuously being able to tell different stories through visuals. I want to thank everyone for the support, the guidance and really helping me realize how special my gift is. Talent is great but it truly means nothing without support. Without further ado, I give you the last of the summer surprise package.

Disclaimer: All Credit for Original Photos goes to their Rightful Owners

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I’ll also be linking the sources as well as the reference photos for the watercolors below

Robin Williams

Laura Vandervoort

Scarlett Johansson

Alyssa Milano

Glenn Close


Fetty Wap

Joey Bada$$

Lauryn Hill


Billy Lewis Jr.

London Zhiloh

Booboo Stewart

Jenn Q

Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval

Janel Parrish

Lucero Rios

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

The Five Variety

Hey guys. Today’s post has a very fun and mouth-watering theme: Flavors! After creating the artwork for One Direction and connecting so well with them, I decided to put myself on to another music group, Fifth Harmony, consisting of Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah-Jane Hansen, and Camila Cabello. I’ve known of this female group for a while now. I first heard them perform at the VMAs some years back. I haven’t paid them much attention to be honest, but I’ve recently gotten more into their music the last couple of weeks. I love their sound and how talented they are as a group. Some of my favorite songs so far are “Sledgehammer”, “Top Down”, and “Going Nowhere”. It’s refreshing to see a group of girls not only sing but really have a bond. Of course I’ve had to get into YouTube videos like I did of the boys to get an understanding of the girls. I got the idea from a suggestion Cyborg made to use one of them, to create designs of all the girls. I decided to name each design after a flavor. After creating each, I thought about sweets and snacks because the colors from each design are vibrant, fun, and memorable. Almost like a kid in a candy store. The first design I did was of Lauren. She gives me a very dark, fiesty and mature vibe from her style and hair, but she’s sweet and funny which gave me the idea of bubble gum and licorice, giving her the flavor, “Bubblegum Licorice”. I fed off the original photo and created a hot pink background to create a contrast between that and the black. I think it came out amazing. Next, I worked on Ally. The photo I was using for reference was very pure and angelic, but sexy and mature. The main color of this design was white, which gave me the flavor of coconut. Ally is of Hispanic descent which makes me think of caramel and so this flavor became “Caramelized Coconut”. This was the only design of the 5 where I used a duplicate effect. I was unsure if it would work but thank goodness, it did. I went with a grey backdrop to make all of the elements pop, especially Ally herself. The triangles also are a great touch to me as well. Next up was Dinah Jane. I went a little bit of a different route with this one. I’ve never used a linear gradient as a backdrop so I was pretty nervous about this. Feeding off the original photo, I went with a beige and cyan color scheme. I immediately think of vanilla and blueberry, giving Dinah the flavor of “Blueberry Vanilla”. This was a challenging design for me because I didn’t want to do too much or too little. It took me a while to really get into it and design. Maybe I was just thinking about it too much. After letting the nerves go, I just got into it and really tried to tell a story. I even chose to slice up the body a little and make an illusion. I love how simple and hard-to-spot it is. Makes the design more significant to me. After finishing Dinah, I got to Normani. Now is it me or does she resemble Naturi Naughton, of 3LW? Cy thinks so too! Since Normani is the only African-American member of the group, I took advantage of using Chocolate as part of this flavor. She’s beautiful with a dark and smooth complexion, like chocolate. Also, the photo I was using had very festive and busy colors. Altogether, Normani’s flavor became Tropical Chocolate. I got a lot of inspiration from “Exotic Escape” (Zoe Saldana’s design) to create this one. I was working on a white background which gave more opportunity for Normani to stand out. Usually this is very simple, but challenging as well. I went with triangles as a big element in this design as well as the clothing. I feel like I’m staring into a bag of candy or a kaleidoscope looking at everything in this design. Not only did I enjoy designing this, but it made me want to go buy some sweets to grub on. That’s what I call flavorful! Last up was Camila. I just finished this actually a couple of hours ago. I was pretty worried this design wasn’t going to be done. I had so much trouble finding a photo of Camila. Luckily, I was able to eventually so I was relieved. There’s so much gold and royalty going on, not to mention brown. Immediately I think ice cream and simplicity, giving Camila the flavor of “Toasted Almond”. I think that this was the design I gave the most focus to mentally. It took a while to really get into. I got a lot of inspiration from designs I’ve done in the past, as well as Dinah’s. It was so cool for me watching this one come together the way it did. Gold is a color I love working with so that alone was great for me. It always feels good to accomplish something you thought wasn’t possible and I’m glad this design beat the odds. It’s regal, but also tasteful and distinct. I love how all these designs are so different but all have the same kind of vibe. They’re sweet and vibrant, but hard-hitting and tough. I love when I’m able to do that with my art because it shows how capable I am of telling a story and bringing that deeper meaning. In each of the designs there’s a line sequence in corners. I added those in to connect the 5 designs. I thought it would be a great touch. It’s been amazing connecting music to my art. It’s taken me to new heights in my mind and I am so excited to continue on. I’m so glad I got the chance to create these. Not only do I feel good but now, I can use some sweets !

Lauren Jauregui ("Bubblegum Licorice")
Ally Brooke ("Caramelized Coconut")
Dinah-Jane Hansen ("Blueberry Vanilla")
Normani Kordei ("Tropical Chocolate")
Camila Cabello ("Toasted Almond")


Original Photo Sources:
(No Copyright infringement is intended, All Credit goes to Owners)

Lauren Jauregui
Ally Brooke
Dinah Jane Hansen
Normani Kordei
Camila Cabello

Andre & Anton

Today marks a very important and rough day for me. On August 2nd, 1997, life changed completely for me and my family. I lost my two younger brothers to the effects of hypothermia. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about my brothers, however there’s two days where the emotions are at a high, their birthday and this date. I contemplated on if I even wanted to make a blog post about this, but because this date means so much to me, I thought it would be great to really elaborate on and talk about. I was around 6 when this happened so it’s hard to explain what I felt in that moment, but the main thing I felt was guilt. I always wonder what life would be like if they were still here. I’d daydream about the person I might have been, or how they would’ve turned out. Even what our circumstances would be like. It sucks because they were just babies and I feel like they didn’t get a chance to really live their lives. Their personalities were out of this world though. I remember a lot of the moments that we’ve shared together. I am so glad to still remember those after all of this time because I have something to remind me of how happy they’ve made me feel. Even if we were kids at the time. In the spirit of my brothers, Andre & Anton, I’ve created a watercolor design to not only pay homage to them, but to really create a gift for myself. Sure, I have lot of pictures and things like that, but I really wanted to do something myself and really grieve through something that truly means a lot to me, which is my art. I’ve debated for a while on putting this up for the world to see because I didn’t want any of my family members stealing the picture and propping it everywhere like it’s theirs. It always hits a nerve for me because this isn’t just anyone, these are my brothers. This means a lot to me so I take it seriously. On the other hand, I really wanted to tell the story of this design, my most meaningful one out of all I’ve done. I thought it would be amazing to share, especially on my blog, and maybe someone can even relate to it. The main goal for me is to really tell my story and show people how much my artwork plays a part in my personal life. For the design, I used one of my favorite pictures of the boys. Also, I used their favorite colors: Blue and Green. That was a big deal for me…

Uhm, I’m sorry. I’m having a little trouble finishing this post because of how heavy this design makes my heart, but I’m really glad and actually a little excited to showcase it. Thank you Andre and Anton for being a part of my life, for teaching me so many things. You’ve helped me learn to laugh as much as I can, to have fun, and to not repeat mom’s phone conversations. Lol (*coughs Anton) I miss the both of you very much and wish you two were still here. However, I don’t question fate or God’s plan. I know he needs the both of you much more than I do. Continue to watch over the family and you’d better be singing those tutu choir songs up there in heaven. I swear nothing could shut the two of you up with those. Lol if nothing else, I love the both of you. Very much. I’ll always do my best to make the both of you proud of your sister.


A Step in the Right DIRECTION

Lately, it’s been tough to find a lot of inspiration and creativity when it comes to art and the different subjects I’ve wanted to experiment with. Timing is truly a blessing in disguise. Cyborg has been listening to a lot of the band, One Direction. He’s been sharing his feelings on a lot of their songs, basically becoming a die hard fan. I usually don’t get into much of the newer music, but I always take Cy’s opinions on music seriously because he’s an artist himself and to me, nobody loves it the way that he does. For the last week or so, he’s sent me a lot of their songs and has even put me on to some of their video diaries on YouTube. I must say, these guys are not only super talented, but so silly that I’ve been close to tears laughing at their videos. I got an amazing idea to create designs of the members: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, despite his recent departure from the group. I was so excited to get into these designs. I honestly feel now like I know the guys personally, that’s how much I vibe with the group. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fangirl, but they make me happy, so I guess that’s a positive note. So, the first design I did was of Harry. I decided to go with a watercolor technique because Harry gives me a very vintage rock-and-roll kind of vibe. I was even telling Cy how much rockstar vibe I get from him when I hear him sing. This process was pretty fun for me. I loved using the hints of Gold with cool colors and I think the color scheme fits Harry so well. After I did Harry’s design, I did Louis. Since Louis is the oldest in the group, I wanted to create something simple but complex as well. Louis has a charming but silly kind of vibe to him and I wanted to represent that in this design. I went with a white background and brought life to the elements going on in the design. It’s a plus seeing the cool colors going on as well. The next design I did was of Liam. I can’t lie, this was probably the hardest one of the 5 to work on because I had no idea how I even wanted to create it. After I took a second to regroup, the process flowed a lot smoother. I was able to introduce some of the new brushes I got to myself and just experiment and go crazy with them. I was not only able to create something amazing but seeing how nice the colors were flowing and bouncing off of Liam, I’m glad that I was able to finish what I started. Niall’s design was probably the easiest of the 5. Niall has a youthful feel to him and because I connect so well with youth and my childhood, I knew this would be a piece of cake. I created a watercolor and used some colors that I feel represent happiness and energy. I got my color inspiration actually from different cartoons that I loved to watch, such as Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries, and Courage, the Cowardly Dog. Niall also being a big jokester in the group played a big part in this design’s inspiration. I even laughed a few times when creating it. Zayn’s design was definitely a wild card. A piece of me felt like I didn’t need to do the design since he’s no longer a part of the group, but I also wanted to because he matters a lot to me. Gosh I sound like such a fangirl. For quite a while now, I’ve wanted to do a design of Zayn. I created an edit of him back in like 2011, but I knew I wanted this one to be amazing and more meaningful. In the beginning, I wasn’t very sure of the technique I wanted to use. A piece of me said a watercolor and the other said subject design.  Ultimately, I went with a subject design. I struggled a lot when I began this edit. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I used Liam’s design for a lot of this inspiration. Zayn gives off a very urban, bad boy kind of vibe and I really wanted to incorporate that into the design. I went with some dark colors to accent that as well as some grungy elements and brushes to make it come to life. Can’t tell you all how satisfied I was to be able to create this, given all of the pressure that I had put on myself to bring this design to life. After finishing all 5 of these designs, not only did I feel accomplished, but like I was meant to do this. Because I love the group a lot, each of the designs’ names have their last name added in. One Direction has truly opened my  mind to things and music that I’d never thought I’d be interested in. I owe this to Cy because this is all of his fault. Lol I have to thank him though for putting me on to an amazing group and giving me the chance to put my new interest into the one interest that I value the most. This was truly a lot of fun. Now I want to go watch more diaries!






Photo Reference Sources:
(No copyright infringement is intended, all of the credit for photos goes to their original owners)

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Liam Payne

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik


(Watercolor Background Texture used for this design:

Sunday Morning

Good morning ! Know I’m a bit late but I wanted to wish the VVC Blog a happy 3rd Anniversary. Never thought the blog would go this long so I’m thankful for that. Today’s design is of rapper G-Eazy, who as of late, I’ve started to grow fond of. Aside from being handsome and a great dresser, I love his music. There was a little bit of doubt in the beginning when I first thought about creating this design. The first design I created of G-Eazy (Splash of Citrus) had and still has a lot of significance and plays a part in the inspiration of many designs I’ve created. I wasn’t trying to outdo it, but I wanted this new design to show a different kind of vibe. My plan from the start was to create a watercolor and have a feel like that of the MGK experience. Setting everything up took me while because I was indecisive on colors as well as a photo source, but I managed to really get it together and just create something great. One thing that I really enjoyed about this process was how smooth it went. I even bumped some G-Eazy while creating to put me in the zone a little bit. The name of the design, which is called “Sunday Morning”, comes from “Eazy”, or easy. I thought about the song “Easy Like Sunday Morning” and I thought it was perfect. Plus, my Sunday mornings are always very lively and busy and this design represents that vibe so I think that this is perfect. I had a lot of fun creating this design.


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